Consigning your investment grade classic with Specialty Sales Classics means you are serious about selling your vehicle. Otherwise, taking advantage of our tremendous reach, internet visibility and the benefit of our financing, shipping and logistical capabilities provide you no added value.

Because we sell lots of cars and have a substantial inventory, we can afford to be more aggressive with our pricing schedule, thereby providing all our Consignors with more bang for their buck.

You can read a sample Consignment Agreement here. (Given the degree of government regulation in this industry (for your protection), the text of this Consignment Agreement is 100% provided by the California DMV).

Or you may download our entire Consignment Strategy, including fees and expenses, here.

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Tier Pricing

Our pricing is transparent and simple. Pay a one-time setup fee and a fixed monthly rate and we’ll handle the rest. Your vehicle will be taken care of in one of our warehouses, and you’ll get free detailing, professional photography, copywriting, and advertising until your vehicle is sold.

Tier 1
$ 99 00 mo.
Best Value!
  • $199 Setup fee
  • Credit Card On File
  • Paid Monthly
Tier 2
$ 139 00 mo.
  • $199 Setup fee
  • No Credit Card On File
  • Invoice Paid Monthly
Tier 3
$ 159 00 mo.
  • $199 Setup fee
  • No Credit Card On File
  • Accrues Until Sale

Our pricing includes:

Professional Photography and Videography

Professional Copywriting and Vehicle Description

Advertising on Virtually Every Classic Car Website

Vehicle Detailing as Needed

DMV Services as Required

$99 Per Monthly [Tier 1, Prorated]

With a sign up fee of $199

Additional Fee Information

In order to consign your car with Specialty Sale Classics, we require a one time sign up fee of $199 and a monthly fee of $99. The sign up fee covers the first monthly fee, as well professional photography and videography and professional copywriting of the vehicle description.

The monthly fee covers the cost of advertising your vehicle on virtually all classic car websites. The same level of marketing coverage would cost an individual seller more than $600 per month.

Specialty Sales Classics is also required by California law to perform a Safety Check on all vehicles sold, and a smog check on certain vehicles.

Vehicle Safety Fee ($95)

California Law requires that all vehicles sold in California pass a complete Safety Check and further requires that Specialty Sales Classics, as the selling dealer, be responsible for this check. The charge for this Safety Check is $95.

Vehicle Smog Check ($58.25)

California law states that before a vehicle may be sold, a passing smog check must have been done by the seller, and a Smog Certificate must be provided at the time of sale. A smog check is not required:

  • For gas-powered vehicles that are less than 4 model-years old, or that were manufactured before 1976
  • For diesel-powered vehicles over 14,000lbs GVWR, or that were manufactured before 1998

What to Bring
When Consigning

  • Vehicle Registration
  • Vehicle Title
  • Maintenance Records
  • Insurance Card
  • VIN number access
  • Uncluttered interior
  • Spare parts

What it Means
for Buyers

Specialty Sales Classics is truly unique in the automotive industry because we sell amazing classic and performance vehicles on behalf of their current owners only if a number of criteria are met. Each classic car and truck within our showrooms has been thoroughly inspected from top to bottom to ensure that it is in excellent overall condition and that the asking price meets or beats fair market value. Likewise, we only post accurate, documented information about the vehicles on our website so that you'll know exactly what to expect before visiting one of our showrooms.

Like you, the owners and the staff at Specialty Sales Classics are all avid collectors and enthusiasts that love to see rare and exotic vehicles on a daily basis. At the same time, however, we always do our best to represent the interests of both the seller and the buyer to ensure that our inventory is always filled with fantastic vehicles at fantastic prices. If you have any questions about our consignment process, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

What it Means
for Sellers

While there are various legal requirements that must be met, our expert sales team at Specialty Sales Classics has really gone above and beyond to streamline the consignment process so that it is not a burden on the seller. We will help you with everything from determining a fair price to having your vehicle inspected to making it look its absolute best to possible buyers. Of course, we also handle all of the marketing and filing requirements on your behalf as well.

One reason that we are so successful at what we do is because we realize that your classic or performance vehicle is completely unique and it has a story that needs to be told. That's why employ professional photographers and copywriters to work alongside our consignment experts and the rest of our staff. Likewise, our sales team will get to know your vehicle like it was their own because we are passionate about cars and we love what we do. For more information, feel free to contact us or fill out an online consignment form to begin the sales process.

How we

Our Marketing department is constantly working on how to increase our company's visibility both around town and around the world. Our home page, is already one of the most visited direct inventory Classic Car web pages on the internet with visitors from more than 4,500 unique computers accessing our site every day! In addition to our home page, we also cycle our inventory through virtually every major fee-based used car web site on the web. A partial list of these sites is given below:**

* Not all vehicles are advertised on Craigslist or Ebay. These posting are determined by the Sales Rep and the Consignor. Either way, no additional fee is charged to the Consignor.

Between our home page, the fee-based sites above and literally hundreds of other free advertising web sites, we believe we have an optimal amount of Inventory Based Advertising.

Consign Your

Convinced yet? Let’s turn your classic into cash.