We help organize shipping to anywhere in the world through multiple trusted shipping companies we have worked with for many years.

Yes, we highly encourage you obtain a PPI before purchasing the vehicle, especially if you are out of state or out of country.

We do not offer in house financing; however, we work with many different banks to get you financed.

We can only provide the history each individual owner has provided us. This means some cars may have more history than others while other cars may have no history whatsoever.

Unlike auction there is no buyer premium, the price you see is the price you pay plus additional tax and license of course.

No, we are selling customer owned classic and exotic vehicles, so we are not able to offer a warranty with any vehicle.


With us we handle all aspects of selling your vehicle. We will handle every interested buyer, weed through tire kickers, and find qualified buyers who are ready to purchase.

In addition to that we can also handle financing and global transportation for all our buyers with no risk to you. We also process the DMV for IN-STATE buyers and forward the titles and DMV forms for Out-Of-State buyers.

It varies, but because of our worldwide advertising, there is a good chance it may be sold within one to three months. It all comes down how desired your car is in the current market and if it’s priced competitively.

We have been in business for over 40 years, so we draw on our past experience in addition to the numerous pricing guides and comps we pull from multiple sources to determine the optimal price for your vehicle.

Our contracts are good for 365 days, but you are not required to leave your vehicle with us for that long. All we ask is for a 3 day heads up so we can prepare your vehicle for pick up.

In addition to our own website and social media, we advertise on a number of websites including (but not limited to) eBay, CarGurus, Cars.com, Hemmings, OldCarsOnline, Craigslist, etc., as well as local car shows and other marketing opportunities.

No, we are not an auction and cannot accept anything higher than the stated asking price on our contracts.

We do not take a certain percentage, instead we determine a fair net value based on the market value of the vehicle.

Yes, all 3 of our Bay Area locations are indoor facilities able to stock 60+ cars each indoors. The only time a vehicle is outside is when it is being displayed at a car show or other marketing opportunities.

Yes, we maintain a balloon policy on all the vehicles in our inventory. You are, however, still required to maintain at minimum liability to maintain registration on your vehicle.

Yes, we staff knowledgeable detailing staff at all 3 of our locations in order to maintain your vehicles optimal shine and interior cleanliness.

No, we do not allow just anyone to test drive your vehicle. Only qualified buyers who are interested in purchasing your vehicle will be allowed to test drive your vehicle and only on a predetermined route no further than 2 miles away from the showroom.

Upon request we can, however we receive many low ball offers and will only contact you with reasonable offers that we believe is actionable.