2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 2 Door Coupe

Stock #SC30028
San Carlos
Body Style
6 Speed Manual
cylinders 5.4L Super Charged 4Valve V8
··· 133198
Not Specified
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This vehicle is displayed in our San Carlos California Showroom (650) 326-1000. http://www.specialtysales.com/2008-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500-c-1908.htm

Shelby, the ultimate name in the Ford racing and performance, means quality, durability and a winning tradition. This fantastic performance muscle car is in every way, a drivers driver. Leave all of the competition in the dust with this fire ball of a car. This Torchlight Red Shelby GT500 comes with all the power available and Brembo brakes to help it stop on a dime. The added features on top of the standard equipment make this car a brilliant GT500 to own. As you go through all 6 forward gears the Borla exhaust will sing to your innermost cravings. This awe inspiring growl will without a doubt enhance your senses, reminding you that the road belongs to you. The suspension reacts to your bidding the way a night yields his sword and handles like a Cup Car streaking toward a waving checkered flag. Remember folks, Carrol Shelby doesnt lend his name to candy bars or bench talkers. With the Shelby GT 500, drivers talk back on the road and track! Blow them off in the first heat and crush the competition with this timeless all American muscle car.

This vehicle is still covered under its original 36 Month/36000 Miles warranty!

San Carlos

San Carlos