2006 Central Coast Cycles CCC Custom

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cylinders 93in S&S
··· 409031
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"The Discovery Bike"

"This bike was born right in front of over 5 million people on the hugely successful TV show "The Great Biker Build-Off" series on the Discovery Channel and then TLC. When Hugh King called we were very excited and also worried about the time line of the build. But we pulled it off in the time frame and what you see here are the fruits of all the hard work and determination, not to mention calling in a lot of favors from our long time vendors." The bike has been a huge success and has never missed a beat. This bike is one of Scotts personal favorites and has probably close to 3,500 miles on it. It has also seen the covers and features of all the national and international magazines and other TV shows includingAmerican Thunder, SPEED, The Chopper Challenge, CMT and more! Discovery and TLC are still playing the original show on a very high rotation all over the world! Now is your chance to own a real piece of rolling art!

Design: Scott Long

Builder: Central Coast Cycles Inc (CCC)

Frame: CCC wishbone rigid extremely modified by CCC

Gas Tank: Custom one-off by CCC

Oil Tank: 2 Twin Cam B cylinders sandwiched with custom end plates by CCC

Seat: Custom one off by CCC with Fox Shox cantilevered and leather work by Bill Wall

Rear Fender: Custom cut and contoured by CCC

Forks: Heavily modified H.D. 39mm with external springs and modified H.D. trees

Bars: Custom CCC

Controls: Hand, IRC adjustable polished, Exile internal throttle, Pingel electric button shift. Foot pegs custom by CCC

Wheels: Custom one off designed by Scott, Front 21"x2.25" with matching rotor and PM brake. Rear, 18x5.5" with Exile sprotor

Tires: Avon 180mm rear

Motor: 93" S&S by CCC, show polished heads, cases etc. Chromed cylinders and cam cover

Exhaust: Custom shotguns by CCC

Transmission: 6-into-4 with kicker and upside down drum by Bert Baker. Show polished with Pingel electric shifter

Drive: Enclosed Primo Rivera belt and Pro clutch with a heavily modified tin style primary cover and chain rear drive

Headlight: Spot, taillight built into primary cover CCC

Paint: An amazing mix of House of Kolors, flakes, candies and pearls by Josh Stokes

Polish and chrome by Meclec

4321 First Street
Pleasanton, CA 94566
4321 First Street
Pleasanton, CA 94566