2001 Ford Mustang GT 2 Door Coupe

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5-spd manual
cylinders 4.6L V8
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In 2001, Ford offered a special version of its GT with the Bullitt nameplate. It was reminiscent of the 1968 390 fastback model driven by Steve McQueen in the 1968 movie Bullitt which became famous for its high speed chase. The car was designed as a good handler so it was lowered 3/4 of an inch, received Tokico shocks, and short length sub-frame connectors. In addition, a new intake design, high-flow mufflers, and special underdrive pulleys helped increase the power to a conservative 265hp (198 kW), though many owners report numbers closer to the 270-275 range. More telling is the torque curve, which was vastly improved over the base GT models, 90% of its 305lbft (414Nm) available from 2000rpm. This broader torque curve makes itself known at the drag strip, as these special edition Mustangs could cover the 1/4 mile in 2-3 tenths of a second quicker and about 2mph (3 km/h) faster than regular GT. 17inch American Racing Torq-Thrust style rims, wrapped in 245/45ZR Goodyear performance rubber, were reminiscent of those on the car driven by McQueen in the movie. The Bullitt featured a large hood scoop reminiscent of the earlier Boss 429 scoop, as well as new side scoops, lower body molding and C-pillars with unique rear side window shape. Other special features on the Bullitt included aluminum pedals and shifter, gauge facings and seat upholstery patterned after the 1968 model, red brake calipers with the Mustang logo on them, and the removal of the spoiler and fog lamps regularly found on Mustang GTs, all for a cleaner look. Braking was also improved with the addition of dual-piston Brembo brakes with 13-inch (330 mm) rotors, the same brakes utilized by the Mustang Cobra.

Our Bullitt is offered in Dark Highland Green, the same shade of green used on the movie Mustang. Here is a list of what makes the '01 Bullitt different from a standard V-8 (GT) Mustang:

  • Dark Highland Green (exclusive color to Bullitt)
  • Instrument cluster font is same as 1968 Bullitt movie car

  • Aluminum shift knob

  • Comfortweave-style leather seats (same design as original movie car)

  • "Bullitt" door sill plates

  • Unique rocker panel mouldings and "C" pillar shape

  • Unique side scoop (front of rear quarter panels-behind doors)

  • Rear spoiler delete

  • Suspension spring rates unique to Bullitt

  • Factory subframe connectors

  • Tokico shocks and struts (specially valved for Bullitt)

  • First appearance of the Bullitt aluminum wheels

  • Cobra-style front brakes (13.1" Brembo rotors and red PBR calipers)

  • 10.5" solid rear rotors (larger than the GT 9" rear rotors)

  • Unique aluminum intake manifold (similar to Ford Motorsports SVO manifold)

  • Factory underdrive pulleys

  • Highflow Ford OEM Mufflers

  • Rolled/brushed aluminum rear exhaust outlets (vs. stamped stainless exhaust on GT)

5200 Gateway Plaza Drive
Benicia, CA 94510
5200 Gateway Plaza Drive
Benicia, CA 94510