1996 Mercedes Benz C36 AMG 4 Door Sedan

Stock #4113
Body Style
cylinders 6.3L V8
··· 281644
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Right off, even the causal observer will notice the multi-piece body colored wheels. The whole car shimmers in its diamond black garb. Currently unavailable in the US, this is the same Glasurit paint used on the current 203 limited edition coupe offered in the UK. Beyond that, a fitment giving the wheels some serious dish enhances the familiar shape of the AMG Monoblock. 235/40/18 Michelin rubber sits up front with 265/35/18 tasked to hold down the rear. Looking around the car reveals nothing but smooth AMG styling, even subtler than current crop of AMG super sedans. Im sure that the previous owner, a former AMG Vice President, snuck by many without arousing a bit of suspicion a true sleeper. The front plate indentation and European trunk belie its Teutonic origins, while the lone AMG badge hint at something truly special within.

The only items that seem out of place are the US spec amber side-markers, a small sacrifice necessary to federalize the car. Even closer observers would notice the pre-model update tail lights, and a peek inside the door jam would reveal its build date, November 1996! Despite being almost 10 years old, the car is immaculate and totally modern. Remarkably, the car does not have a sunroof, apparently so as not to sacrifice the rigidity of the chassis.

Looking upon the interior lies what seems like acres of beautiful charcoal Nappa leather and Black Birdseye maple. The headliner too is all Nappa, and even the rear ashtrays are trimmed in maple. The AMG speedometer goes all the way to 300kmh. The mere thought of this 4-door super sedan going 186mph just blows my mind. All of these well thought out, little touches make for such a completely elegant total package. Speaking of attention to detail, even the trunk has been uniquely customized by AMG. Given that all manner of secret plans would need to be carried by its owner, a three-lock trunk was added to increase the security of the boot.

But enough of the styling cues; Im sure by now you want to know about the true beast powering this monster. A lift of the hood reveals not the M113 as found in the more common w210 E55, but the sturdy M119 motor. Derived from the M119 HL V8 engine used in the 1989 Le Mans winning Sauber-Mercedes C9 this is an engine with a racing pedigree. People may be more familiar with the engine in another form as it was also used in the w124 500E/E500, and later in the ex-US w210 AMG E50. However, this particular example is something even rarer, as it is one of only two M119 motors hand-built by AMG to 6.3L! Words cannot even begin to speak of the true performance of the car.

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