1973 De Tomaso Pantera 2 Door Coupe

Stock #SC30044
San Carlos
Body Style
5 Speed ZF manual
cylinders 351 V8
··· J05223
Not Specified
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This vehicle is located in our San Carlos California Showroom (650) 326-1000. http://www.specialtysales.com/1973-de-tomaso-pantera--c-1998.htm

From the mind of Tom Tjaarda comes the Pantera. An absolutely gorgeous designer body, big wheels, Z-F 5 speed transaxle with independent coil spring suspension, 4 wheel disc brakes and a top speed of 150 mph. With a unitized all steel body, 98 inch wheel base and 14 second mile times make this a fantastic icon of motorsport to own. The red and black paint scheme is so Italian that it grips us like the Ferrari 512 Berlineta Boxer. Most people who know about the Pantera and frequent the Specialty Sales Web Site would say this: I always wanted one of those or, (while trying to keep a straight face)Hey honey, check this out. Its a Pantera. Lets go over why this car has such a hold on so many car enthusiasts: #1, The darn car is a stud while parked. #2 The sound from the mid engine, 310 HP 351 Ford Power Plant is awesome especially while put through the 5 speed Z-F Transmission. #3 The rocket on wheels has all independent suspension. #4 The cockpit is awash in leather and fits like a glove. #6 Talk about a chick magnet! #7 Its like a street legal F-18. We could go on and on. The entire package from body to power plant, from the roof to pavement, is what its all about folks. This should sum things up a bit: An Italian suit with American iron is the perfect blend of art and grit. Granite style with a heart of a lion says grab 3rd gear and you will ----.

San Carlos

San Carlos