1968 Ford Mustang 2 Door Coupe

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Body Style
cylinders 347 Stroker V8
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Impressive '68 Ford Mustang Coupe finished in White with Blue accent stripes over two-tone Lt Blue/Dk Blue interior. Powered by a FRPP 347 Stroker V8 with GT-40P headsbacked by aFord 4 Speed Automatic with Overdrive (2500stall), Roller Rockers, Headers, 3.80 Gears, Electric FuelPump,Power Steering, Power Front Disc Brakes and more!This is an original California car with it's Black/Yellow license plates, purchased from Kott &Smolar, Ltd in Wimington CA. Comes with the original owners manual with owner identification information. Looks and drives amazing!

347 CI (5.7 Liter) FRPP Stroker block

GT-40 P heads, 60cc chambers, 10.5:1 compression

B303 Roller Cam 224 Duration @ .050 lift (Int and Exh)

1.7 FRPP Roller Rockers Valve Lift .520 inch

Standard 5.0 Liter roller lifters and push rods

Balancer 28 oz/inch style

Flywheel 164 tooth, 28 oz/inch balance (351ci version)

Double roller timing chain (Straight up timing)

1 Piece style rear main seal

High Volume Oil Pump

Ford Powertrain Long Tube, Tri-Y headers

They fit the GTP heads and the AOD transmission

Hardened steel distributor gear is required (FRPP part M-12390-B)

Firing Order- Std. 5.0 L- (1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8)

Spark Plugs: Motorcraft AWSF-42C (hotter) or AWSF-32C (colder)

Accel 514, [Champion RS12YC (hotter) or RS9YC (colder)

Ideal=16 degrees base, no vacuum advance, 16 degrees mechanical advance Total all in timing 32 degrees. (No Vacuum Advance!)

1988 Ford 4 speed Automatic with Overdrive

13 qts. dry fill capacity, B&M Synthetic transmission fluid

FRPP high performance, wide ratio gear train, with rollerized planetary gears

Mechanical Diode - High RPM 2"d gear one-way clutch

Stamped steel Direct Clutch and Reverse Clutch housing

Cast Iron Forward Clutch housing

A-Servo O/D with 2 inch O/D Band

Lifetime guarantee, hardened "Inner" input shaft

B & M Non-lockup, hi stall torque converter. (2500 RPM)

Lentech Stage II valve body with wide ratio tuning.

15t 2"d and 3rd gears held at any time, 4Lh gear electric operation, or lockout.

B & M ratchet shifter with reverse lockout. Cable operation.

Reverse lights and neutral safety wired through floor shifter. Stock wiring from firewall to reverse lights and starter lockout. Modified from firewall to shifter.

Lokar TV cable from Transmission to Carburetor. (Adjustment is 3-5 PSI at TV port when idling in "Park". Engine Temp 180 degrees. Use 1968 Mustang "C4" style transmission mount.

Holley Electric Fuel Pump- Mounted in front of gas tank. 7.5 amp fuse under dash. Powered through a Holley fuel pump cut off switch mounted next to oil filter. 12v (black wire) from starter solenoid supplies fuel pump voltage during cranking only. On start up white wire from coil provides 12v to pump. No oil pressure = no fuel pump voltage. Red wire on switch goes to fuse under dash, then down the drive shaft tunnel to pump. Pull the red 7.5 amp fuse (next to steering column) for theft control. Holley Carburetor #80670, 670 CFM. Main jet #67, Secondary #71. (Do not make richer) Stock Jettings #65/#08. Vacuum secondary spring color (White or Purple recommended) Accel "Kool Blue" universal cotton gauze (filter. (12-3/4 x 2 inch).

1976-1979 Ford Granada Front Disk Brakes including: Calipers, Rotors, Pads, Brake Hoses, Hardware, Wheel bearings and seals.

Master Cylinder- 1976-1979 Granada will work with some grinding. 1968 Mustang front disk/Rear drug, works the same without grinding.

Must use 1976-1979 Granada outer tie rod ends.

Power brake booster 1968 Mustang style

Fluid Silicone Dot 5 (Extremely Important) Use nothing else!

Rear brakes - stock 1968 Ford Mustang drum brakes.

Adjustable proportioning valve located under master cylinder.

Stock 8-Inch rear axles and housing

Auburn Pro-Posi, Cone style lock-up

Richmond Race gears - 3.80 ratio

Must use "big size 9 rear end differential bearings with Auburn Pro-Posi

Use 80W-90, non synthetic gear oil with 4 oz of Equatorque.

Housing drilled and tapped for a 1/8 NPT drain plug

Summit "Chevy Style" universal Aluminum radiator. Size 25x19 Inch Stock lower hose -- cut and modified to fit radiator and 45 elbow.

Upper hose fabricated to fit.

180 degree thermostat (do not go colder)

Thermostatic universal Ford fan clutch

Stock 1968 Mustang water pump

200% Antifreeze and distilled water mix

FRPP Hi Torque mini starter with GM style solenoid

This starter allows room for the headers.

Wiring is unique since the system uses 2 solenoids, one on the fender well and the other or, the starter.

Stock Alternator and belt

Ford electronic regulator replaced the mechanical 1968 version. Any year with the same style connection.

Stock Ford Pump, gearbox and linkages (except tie rod ends. See brakes above)

Use "big Block 390 CI 1968 Mustang Power Steering pump hoses for better routing. Stock small bock hoses will burn in the headers.

Stock Ford distributor with Pertronix breakerless conversion kit and Mr. Gasket timing recurve spring kit.

Pertronix 45,000 volt Flame Thrower Coil

Not functional. Pushed in it grounds the coil for no spark. Anti-theft when pushed in.

4321 First Street
Pleasanton, CA 94566
4321 First Street
Pleasanton, CA 94566