1962 Jaguar XKE 2 Door Convertible

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Body Style
4 Speed Manual
cylinders 3.8L I6
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It has been called the most beautiful car ever made by many, including the likes of Enzo Ferrari. It has been displayed in the Museum of Modern Art and been sought after by car enthusiasts everywhere.There might be no other car that appeals to so many different people as the Jaguar E-Type. This 1962 XKE Convertible is a series 1 model which has become the most valuable and desirable of the lot. Purchased by the current owner in 1976 this Jaguar has seen just two owners and is a fine example of an older restoration that still shows well today.Painted a deep red over a black and aluminum trimmed interior this E-Type has a very straight body with good chrome and a black soft top.Powered by a 3.8L inline six cylinder engine producing 265 horsepower through a 4 speed manual transmission this Jaguar will pull speeds up to 150mph. The owner of this 1962 XKE has upgraded the 4 speed gearbox with the likes of a 1964 sychromesh unit that came equipped on the 4.2L engines which has allowed for a syncro equipped first gear.He has also added the upgraded cooling fans from the larger 4.2L engine to eliminate any overheating issues these cars were known to have. Now you can sit in stop and go traffic without any concerns besides being late to your next appointment.

There is little not to like about the Jaguar XKE's and with their continuous popularity so comes a great investment opportunity. Not only are these cars a pleasure to look at and drive, but they are highly sought after and are sure to appreciate in value over time.

Repair thermostat and calibrate temperature gauge

Check Compression in all cylinders

Transmission Mount

Link Bushings

Driveshaft U-Joints

Clutch Kit

Resurface Flywheel

Torsion Bars and Plate

Polyurethane Bushing Set

Cam Cover Gasket

Brake Reservoir Assembly

New Spark Plugs

New Radiator Hoses

Engine mounts

Distributor Cap

Plug Wire Set

Petronix Ignition

Exhaust Muffler Mounts

Fuel Filter

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5200 Gateway Plaza Drive
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