1923 Ford Model T Touring Sedan 4 Door Convertible

Stock #3943
Body Style
3 Speed Manual
cylinders 176ci 4 Cyl
··· 583052
Not Specified
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Ruckstell Axle 2 Speed Rear-end with 3:1 Ratio Gears

Rear-end completely gone through

Safety Hubs on Rear-end and also new Axles for Rear-end

Timken Bearings on Pinion Shaft

1985 El Camino Brake Calipers

3 Speed Model A Transmission

Steel Billet Flywheel

Made in New Zealand Crankshaft, Counter Balanced

Polished and Balanced Connecting Rods

.040 Oversized Forged Ross Pistons, Balanced

Block decked, Pistons decked to Block, Pistons all same height to Block

Lipping Lizard Head built by Charlie Yapp, Head #32

Compression Ratio 7:1, Cylinders have 120lbs

Front-end all done

New Wood Wheels

New Tires, Flaps and Tubes

Camshaft has been ground

Camshaft Timing Gear made out of space age material

Camshaft and Crankshaft have been timed by dial indicator method

All brand new oversize lifters and block has been reamed to fit new lifters

New Valve Guides in Block

Chevrolet 350 Exhaust Valves

2 Ignition Systems; One standard 12 volt system and the other is an MSD

Frame, Rear-end and Front-end Powder Coated

All wiring and directional signals are 12 volt system

New Gas Tank, Rebuilt Carburetor, Radiator and New Fuel Lines

New Intake Manifold and Exhaust System

Brand New Hood

Original Interior