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First off, Specialty Sales Classics is going to be a little bit different than most shops. Because.... we see your car just like you do! We know exactly what that classic means to you, because we are enthusiasts ourselves. And make no mistake, that makes a big difference when it comes time to handling the maintenance regimen, or even more, on your particular vehicle.

In addition to our experienced team of technicians, we're also a great resource to you, specifically because of the contacts and relationships we've made since 1978, all across the world.

This means that if we can't accommodate a very specific or specialized task, there is an excellent liklihood that we already know the best shop in the business and those professionals will be willing to handle it for you as a result of our introduction.


  • Easy Financing from 20+ Lenders
  • Direct to you shipping alternatives
  • Full DMV and registration
  • Full time detail staff
  • Collectibility, Restoration advice
  • Vehicle Storage and support
  • Convenient locations across Northern California

A Little More About Our Services


Our technicians have traveled this road before. If it requires a computer to make it right, or an old experienced hand with a carburetor, our team can make it happen.

Assessment / Advice

We're not uncomfortable doing a little research either. This prepares us so we can provide the very best advice possible. We also have access to multiple resources too. And this is just one way we can add value for you.


Lots of folks started their relationship with us with a question. It may have begun with what car should I buy? But one question started it all and gave us a chance to leverage our experience for their benefit.

Easy To Work With

We're a shop of classic car enthusiasts and hot rodders. We may be experienced and know how to get the job done; but we aren't artistes or primadonnas. As enthusiasts ourselves, we know how to treat people the way we like to be treated.

Ultra Responsive

We consign and sell classic and investment grade cars every day. We also know that many deals as well as repair solutions require diligence and timeliness in order to solve a problem. That's why we are dedicated to being extra responsive to your needs.

Flexible Framework

We're experienced car people. Who else would know when it is appropriate to source a new part or need to have one fabricated? Having the appropriate flexibility built into our approach allows us to think outside the box and not stand on protocol. We get it done for you!

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