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Historically, the determination whether or not a particular classic car made for a good investment was made based upon the quality of the vehicle as well the upside of the vehicle for equity growth purposes.

So in effect, you could designate an investment of cash into a favorite classic car, but if the same cash, deposited in a bank would outgrow the value of the car, it was considered a poor investment alternative.

Well, now the world of classics car versus bank deposit has flipped completely for two separate reasons:

  • As classic cars get older they get rarer, dramatically improving their equity growth potential, and
  • And, when it come to current bank interest rates, we live in less than a one percent world.
  • This means that the liklihood that a quality classic car will out perform a similar investment made at a bank, is almost guaranteed. This is also why many enthusiasts will buy the very best classic they can afford, even if they have to finance it, because the upside growth potential in the car makes it more valuable than a traditional Certificate of Deposit.

    Well first, you need to bring in your vehicle so we can assess it's condition together.

    Then we will research the vehicle for a current market value, using tools and resources available at each individual showroom.

    Once this is complete we will determine with you, exactly what your desired net selling price will be. This represents the exact dollar value you will derive from your vehicle, assuming it is not currently subject to a lien or other encumbrance.

    Because we never get a second chance to make a good first impression, we encourage you to be as aggressive with the pricing as possible. This is because with our wide reach and exposure to an international marketplace, if your vehicle is priced reasonably, you will receive offers.

    The converse is also true. Should you decide to place an arbitrarily high value on your car, the liklihood of getting offers is reduced exponentially. So, price it as aggressively as you. To do otherwise doesn't help anybody.

    At this point your vehicle is photographed and entered into the Specialty Sales Classics system and our marketing effort begins.

    We will always be available to give you a status report on how your vehicle is being received by the market and how much exposure it is receiving through some advanced analytics we maintain on each vehicle.

    From there it is simply a process of fielding the offers; accepting one, and subsequently having it delivered to your new Buyer.

    Also, the most important part .... your net proceeds wire transfer or check, will be provided to you within 20 days, depending on the logistics and whether or not an existing lien needs to be cleared.

    Specialty Sales Classics is fortunate enough to have relationships with several lenders who specialize in financing classic and investment grade vehicles. These lenders, because they tend to specialize in the types of cars we sell, can usually qualify a prospective Buyer within 24 hours. The process of qualifying the vehicle however, can sometimes take an addititional day or so, depending on whether or not an appraisal is required for the vehicle you've selected.

    Either way, since our lenders, as well as the Specialty Sales Classics team are very experienced with the qualifying process, both for vehicles and Buyers, the entire effort should not take more than 2-3 days.

    Absolutely. In fact, we encourage every Buyer to complete a robust due diligence process for any vehicle they are considering.

    We understand that many collectors are already extremely proficient and experienced in underwriting a particular vehicle. However, for those that are new to the classic car genre, a pre-purchase inspection is likely the best money you will ever spend.

    Since the role of Specialty Sales Classics is that of a Consignee, to a large degree we are dependent upon the Seller for much of the information and diligence we can provide to a prospective Buyer. However, when we accept a vehicle on consignment, typically the inspection regimen we utilize is one in which we gauge the safety of the vehicle for the purposes of being in our showroom. Specialty Sales Classics cannot possibly know every detail for a given vehicle. This is exactly why a 3rd party pre-purchase inspection is such an excellent idea. It provides all parties with the opportunity to fully evaluate a car and mutually agree upon the vehicle's condition.

    Again, an inspection, usually made by an independent vendor or appraiser, typically costs only a few hundred dollars. So in virtually all cases, it represents an inexpensive insurance policy for a prospective Buyer.

    Every classic car collection started out with one car, correct? So how to start a collection? There are lots of different ways.

    We recently spoke to Alan Huffman, a Speciality Sales Classics salesperson and collector himself. Here's is what he had to say.

    Beyond that, here is Alan Huffman's list for things to consider:

  • Collect what you like
  • Think long term
  • Think collectability and resale
  • Think investment grade upside and equity growth
  • Expensive doesn't necessarily mean investment grade
  • Pick an example of an available classic which meets most, if not all the criteria
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    • I wanted to thank you guys for all your help in my purchase of the Ferrari 328! I received the car last week and I'm very pleased. Very special thanks to Rory who always had the time to help answer questions, get information or assure me... Chris S.
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    • I was dazzled when Specialty Sales had my car sold within two weeks. The toughest part of this transaction was driving the car over to their showroom! Brian C.
    • Specialty Sales has sold six cars from my collection and has done a better job than I could do myself. Bob B.
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